Company Outline

CEO Hiroaki Yamaoka
Established August 1988
Head office 4-18 Kitacanada Kochi-shi, Kochi 781-0073 JAPAN
Address Telephone: +81(0)88-882-4788
FAX: +81(0)88-882-4822
Organic Factory 2042-1 Kawaguchiminami Otoyo-cho, Nagaoka-gun, Kochi 789-0313 JAPAN
Organic certification body
Products Certified organic textile products
(Fabrics, yarns, garments, home textiles, etc.)
Tools The organic certified factories are equipped with: 3 carding machines, 3 cross-lapping machines, 6 needle inspector machines, 1 cutting machine, 4 quilting machines, 4 lockstitch sewing machines, 3 tape sewing machines, 200 sewing machines, overlockers, flatseamers, black-light inspector room, Tajima’s embroidery sewing machine, CAM, etc.
Annual production in 2019 Organic certified futon approx. 12,000pcs
Organic certified covering approx. 50,000pcs
Organic certified towel approx. 100,000pcs
Organic certified textile products approx. 200,000pcs
Prizes Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Award
2006 Consumer-oriented blue-chip company awarded
2008 Best Contributors to Product Safety Awarded
2014 Diversity Management Selection 100 Awarded
Kochi Pref. Governor Award
Kochi Eco Industry Award
Kochi Pref. Local Industry Award
Appeared in The National Diet publication “White Paper on Manufacturing Industries“